Life Events

Let's Do Life Together

There are many times in life where we as a church get to be a part of it. Please see below for the three ways we offer support in life events.

Family Blessings

Child dedication is a commitment made by parents before God, their family and their church. It is a public expression of intention to raise up a child to know God and have an opportunity to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Click the button below to fill out the form including the personal testimony of each parent.


Our sincere sympathy on the passing of your loved one.

We understand that coordinating all the details for a celebration of life service can feel overwhelming. It is our goal to make this process flow as seamlessly as possible for your family.

If you are a member or a regular attendee of City Centre and would like one of our pastors to officiate the service, please complete the Funeral Request Form with all the details that you have available, bearing in mind the time constraint, and we will contact you to walk with you through this process.


Marriage is one of the richest blessings God has given to His people! As per our policy, City Centre is honoured to participate in marriage ceremonies for Members and Adherents of our local church only. If you attend City Centre regularly as your home church, and would like more information about the possibility of a wedding here, please complete the form and contact the church.