Become a Member

Becoming a member at City Centre Church means more than just adding your name to the membership list. When you decide to join us, you are committing that you want to be involved in community life here at City Centre, and that you want others in the church to be involved in your life.

If it is your desire to become a member please complete the Membership Application and read our General Operating By-Law.

Our Process

Read the Bylaws

To learn more about the details, here's a package about how we operate.

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Apply to be a Member

Start your journey by filling out the membership form.

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Follow-up Chat

You will hear from one of our staff to learn more about you.

Membership Class

Take a class to learn about what membership is and what it means for you and the church

Your Testimony

We'll work with you to work out your testimony so you're ready to share it before the church.

Welcome to the Family!

You'll be announced to the church and we'll continue to find ways you can serve with us!